Core team

The Living Labs are where the real strength of the Green Deal lies. They allow the feasibility of all kinds of wishes, ideas and initiatives to be tested out in practice. A great deal can be learned from these practical experiences and others can then put this knowledge to use.

The core team supports this process. It does so firstly by bringing people and parties into contact – putting a party with a question in touch with another party who can answer it or who offers a product or service that can help – or by encouraging initiators to conduct different experiments to ensure there is diversity within the Living Labs. However, it also supports the process by making sure that the knowledge acquired from all the experiments is shared.

It is perfectly conceivable that a Living Lab will demonstrate that regulations are presenting an unnecessary obstacle or that something can only work if all parties come to an agreement – if all municipalities implement a rule in the same way, for example. The core team knows what steps to take in such cases.

The core team comprises a broad cross-section of representatives from the sector, the business community and public authorities. The members of the core team are:

Wijnand de Geus

Anne-Marie Nelck

Patricia de Wilde

Koenraad Backers

Aad Verkade

Erik Regterschot

Herman Wagter

Gert-Jan Prummel

Petrouschka Werther

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