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As a participant in the Green Deal ZES your ambition will be to contribute to zero emissions within our cities by 2025. Taking part in the Green Deal ZES will give you the chance to work together with other parties to develop and scale up activities, until at least January 1, 2020, with the aim of speeding up the transition to zero emission city logistics. Here you will each work on your own particular tasks and under your own responsibility.

The parties involved are responsible for managing the projects themselves. Where necessary, support is provided to the participants by the Green Deal ZES program secretariat:

  • Support with drawing up a project plan for a Living Lab
  • Creation of links between parties who share a common goal
  • Organization of network meetings where experiences and knowledge can be shared

One of the main initiatives that will be used to achieve the objective of the program is the development and implementation of Zero Emission City Logistics Living Labs in each municipality or region. As a participant you will therefore endeavor to set up, implement, monitor and assess these local pilots.

A number of conditions apply to a Living Lab:

  • The project must be new and innovative
  • The project must involve experiments in at least 2 of the 4 areas: logistics, regulations, vehicles and behavior
  • It must be possible to scale up a Living Lab to national level if it is successful (interoperability)

The application form for prospective participants can be found under Publications

New parties who wish to participate should submit their application to the Chairman of the Steering Group, via the Secretariat. Once the core team, which represents all the signatories, has approved the application, the new participant will acquire the status of a party to the Green Deal and the rights and obligations arising for this party from the Green Deal will apply.

Twice a year a signing event will be held where you can publicly present your contribution and ambitions as a new participant. While the Living Labs are in progress the Secretariat will ensure that updates are published on the Living Labs, lessons learned are shared and useful contacts and links are established with other participants and Living Labs.

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