Living Lab (local pilot)

Living Lab (local pilot)

The ultimate objective of the Green Deal ZES is to have reduced harmful emissions (CO2, NOx and particulates) and noise pollution resulting from city logistics to zero by 2025. To investigate which combinations of logistics, regulations, vehicles and behavior could make an effective contribution to this reduction, experiments will be conducted at a local level between 2015 and 2020. Partnership will be a key aspect within these so-called Living Labs.

The parties (participants) working together within these Living Labs are: shippers, recipients, logistics services providers, fuel suppliers, vehicle manufacturers, knowledge institutions and local authorities.

The Living Labs will provide a platform for partnership between the parties with the aim of finding workable operational solutions that will make city logistics more sustainable. Living Labs can provide new insights into ways to reduce emissions and help make Zero Emission City Logistics a reality. The possibilities here may include new vehicle technologies, new ways of utilizing and loading trucks and the introduction of innovative logistics processes, as well as solutions to remove obstacles in the area of legislation and the promotion and implementation of changes to regulations.

The cities that sign the Green Deal give the Living Labs the freedom they need to try out new technologies and solutions in practice. The aim is to learn from these small-scale experiments and share the success stories with the other participants as quickly as possible.

There are six key themes:

  • Fresh daily deliveries to the city
  • Post, parcels and pallets
  • Smart deregulation
  • Demolition and construction in the city
  • Facility flows in the city
  • Business case for innovative vehicle technology

Your contribution

As a participant in the Green Deal ZES your ambition will be to take part in a Living Lab and launch it within a year. A number of conditions apply to a Living Lab:

  • The project must be new and innovative
  • The project must involve experiments in at least 2 of the 4 areas: logistics, regulations, vehicles and behavior
  • If it is successful, it must be possible to scale up the project

The support we provide

The Green Deal ZES program secretariat will provide support to the participants where necessary.

  • Support with drawing up a project plan for a Living Lab
  • Creation of links between parties who share a common goal
  • Organization of network meetings where experiences and knowledge can be shared

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