Ultimate objective

The ultimate objective is to reduce harmful emissions (CO2, NOx and particulates) resulting from city logistics to zero.

Emission free

The parties involved in the Green Deal for Zero Emission City Logistics share the aim of supplying goods to our cities with zero emissions, as far as possible, by 2025.

Electric cars

The parties are also working to limit noise pollution. Although emission-free vehicles are not yet being manufactured on a large scale, electric delivery vans are already available and the first heavier, custom-made, zero-emission trucks have entered service.


Concepts are also being developed for hybrid vehicles that can run on conventional fuels on the highway, while covering the “last mile” in the city with zero emissions.

Reducing the number of vehicles

Reducing the number of vehicles needed to supply goods to our cities is also an important objective. Some of these goods already enter cities highly efficiently. Here we are mainly talking about deliveries for which logistics services providers and companies with their own transport have already organized (the bundling of) goods flows effectively.

Transport of online orders

Larger logistics providers have also already optimized the transport of online orders to a large extent, primarily by concluding good agreements with their customers.

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